Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sharp Shooters Camera Club Picnic

Our annual Sharp Shooters Camera Club picnic was held at The Shady Lady in Geneva, Idaho.  Cliff and Kathy price have a beautiful home with a picnic area in the foothills, and they invited the camera club to their place for the evening.  They call their home the Shady Lady, and it is a perfect place for a big group, with a covered picnic area, grassy lawn, lots of aspens, and outbuildings painted like a saloon and livery stable. Everyone brought food to share, then we had an informal photo shoot.
Kathy had some wild hats, costumes, and (empty) booze bottles, and several camera club members got dressed up and posed for the cameras.  My wife, Linda (left), battled with her sister Jo Ann Farnsworth.
Bernice and Bill Parslow looked great posing on the saloon porch.
Lynette and Dave Bower hammed it up to the delight of all the photographers.
 Do these people look like they are having fun?

Someone asked Linda to take their picture using their camera.  Then someone else asked.... then someone else...

You get the idea.

It was getting really dark, and photography was pretty tough, but thanks to flash or high ISO settings available on the digital cameras, we kept on shooting.

The last group of models was Linda Cochran, Connie Hymas, and JoAnn Taylor, and they looked wonderful.

The evening ended with a group photo critique in the picnic area.  It was a good ending to a really fun meeting.

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