Sunday, July 15, 2012

Car Show

Our little town, Montpelier, Idaho, has a surprisingly good annual car show with lots of opportunities for photographers.
Friday evening featured a downtown cruise.  A beautiful Ford was parked across the street from our funky old Centre Theatre.
Several of the show cars 'dragged main", including this wonderful roadster.  The blur was created by "panning" the camera with the motion of the car.
Saturday was the day of the show, and cars were on display at the local park, including a customized Ford Woody. The lawn area under beautiful big trees was ideal for the show.
This Studebaker pickup won best of show. Car shows are usually a great opportunity for close-up photos with spectacular color.
Look for opportunities to use your wide angle lens. Edsels were sometimes called a "Mercury sucking a lemon." The wide angle lens exaggerates this feature and creates a fun distortion. It was a great show despite an afternoon thunderstorm, and I hope a lot of the car owners return next year.

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