Sunday, July 1, 2012

Newtown High School Reunion - 50 Years

Linda and I just returned from a trip to the east coast for my 50th high school reunion at Newtown, Connecticut. Why on earth would I go all the way from Idaho to Connecticut just to go to a high school reunion?  I didn't even like school very much.  The answer might be in something my old college roommate, Mike Mele said.  When we get older and attend events like this, we just have a good time reacquainting ourselves with people that share something in common from our past.  All the old cliques are gone, and everyone seems to be more relaxed and mature.  Or maybe it is something classmate Tom Kretsch said.  Newtown was a wonderful place to grow up, and it draws us back.  I found both statements to be true.
Newtown High School, Class of '62 (me on the left)
Photo by Linda S. Walker  

I had a wonderful time at the reunion dinner and at the picnic the following day.  I am pleased to see that so many of us turned out OK.  People came from Montana, Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Idaho, California, and many other distant areas - even Israel!  Others were content to stay right there in the Newtown area, and more power to them.  It was a memorable occasion and the reunion committee deserves a big thank you.

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