Monday, May 7, 2012

Grizzly Encounter

Linda and I visited Grand Teton National Park for a couple of days last week and were sure we wouldn't get any decent photos because of the terrible weather.  Heavy overcast, rain, snow, wind... we had it all.  We didn't see the beautiful views we wanted, but were thrilled by the abundant wildlife.
Imagine our surprise when this grizzly sow with two big cubs walked in front of us.  This through-the-windshield shot shows the bears just after they stepped out of the woods.

The sow was extremely nervous.  She was obviously surprised by the attention and confused about what she should do.  She cringed whenever a car went by and looked like she was ready to defend her cubs.

Photography was fairly difficult because of the dark, overcast conditions.  Notice the movement in her front paws as she walked toward me.  This was caused by the 1/30 second shutter speed needed in the poor light.

Was it exciting to have a nervous, full grown grizzly walking toward me?  You betcha!

This cub certainly was aware of all the attention.  The three bears were only there for about a minute before they walked back into the woods together.

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