Sunday, April 22, 2012

Henry, Idaho

Linda and I spent an afternoon with our neighbors, Connie and Larry Hymas, exploring Henry, Idaho. The old town dates from 1884, and in its day had a big influence on western history.  There is still a cluster of 6 or 7 old buildings left, including the old Henry Store.
The building was built in 1908 after an older store burned down, but it has been closed for a few years now.  Henry isn't a complete ghost yet because there are a few modern houses and trailers, and an RV park serving nearby Blackfoot Reservoir.
This beautiful old granary is a remnant of the agricultural past here.  Four concrete pads were probably the foundations of other granaries that have disappeared.

An old mower, half hidden in the grass, is another clue to the town's agricultural history.

Henry was the location for one of the first great rodeos of the west.  It was called the "Henry Stampede and Stockman's Reunion".  Horses were trailed all the way from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to buck in this famous event.

Now, this old house sits on a hill above the old town.  Oddly enough, derelict hookups from an abandoned RV park are scattered around the lonely building.

We didn't meet anyone at all here, but an old dog showed up to lead us through the quiet town.  She seemed glad to have company for a change.


  1. I was born about 3 miles from this store on my grandfather's ranch 86 years ago. I remember visiting this old store. It was the only one at that time. it was the postoffice,grocery,pool hall,card gambling,hardware,one gas pump, community gossip facility. I'm amazed to see it again. Thankyou for bringing it here. I had wondered if my grandfather's 'HORSEHEAD ranch[because a scull of a horse was used as a mail box on the road} was ever photographed. thanks, Shirley Call, granddaughter of Frank Christensen.

  2. What a wonderful coincidence. I took two photographer friends to Henry today, and it hasn't changed much. Someone is mowing the grass and there are a lot of "no trespassing" signs on the fence behind the buildings. I don't know of any photos of the mailbox. Thank you for sharing your great story.

  3. I just passed through Henry yesterday. Wish I would have stopped. Need to return. Would be amazing to restore the town and have it come alive once more.

    1. I hope you are able to return. If you do, be sure to visit Chesterfield, which is a restored ghost town about 25 miles from Soda Springs. There is a lot to see there.