Monday, July 30, 2018

Mr. Hot Dogs

I’ve never posted about a restaurant on my photography blog, but I found one in Butte, Montana that deserves to be here.

We were on our annual camping trip and stumbled on Mr. Hot Dogs tucked in a tiny room on a side street.

Every inch of available space inside was devoted to Italian style decorations.  People Magazine chose Mr. Hot Dogs the best hot dog in Montana May 23, 2018.

There were lots of fancy hot dogs on the homemade menu sign, also pizza and other Italian food.  The hot dogs are all “100% Montana beef and buffalo”.

Mr. Hot Dogs appears to be a one man operation.  We ate there twice, and both times our order was taken, cooked, and served by the same friendly gentleman.  This is the view through the order window into the kitchen.

So how was the food? Here’s the Brat, actually two brats end to end in a home baked bun. Everything was unique, and very, very good. If you are ever in Butte, Montana be sure to visit Mr. Hot Dogs at 1806 Cobban Street.

Please be aware that these photos are copyrighted.  They are available for a very small fee.

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