Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Winter in Bear Lake Valley, Idaho - 2014

On January 18th I posted photos of the amazing hoar frost we had here in the valley this winter.  This was an exceptionally beautiful winter in the Idaho end of the valley, so now that spring has arrived, I thought I would post a few scenic photos from winter days that didn't have that gorgeous frost.
The Rearing Pond in Montpelier Canyon is a favorite photo stop, but I don't think it ever looked better than on this day.
Conditions could be harsh, and this scene on the edge of Montpelier was a challenge because of strong winds and blowing snow.
One morning in late winter I saw these low clouds and hurried down the street to this abandoned house.  I think it was a great subject for a black and white photo.
The Bear River between Georgetown and Nounan was beautiful when the ice started to melt and the transition to spring started.  Most people are ready for spring, but I will miss the clean beauty of winter in the Bear Lake Valley.


  1. Your photography is stunning! I was wondering if I might borrow a couple of your photos to post on my private family group facebook page. Many of my family still live in the Montpelier, Idaho area, but there are a lot of us that don't. I would leave the link to your blog and copyright on the pictures.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I love the Bear Lake Valley, and photography here is a wonderful opportunity.
      I am really sorry, but I avoid posting on Facebook because of their usage policies and the lack of control photographers have over their work once it is posted. I appreciate it that you asked for permission, because a lot of people don't. Feel free to post links to anything you see on the blog or our website.
      I wonder if I know your relatives? Everyone knows nearly everyone else around here!