Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Silver City, Idaho

This was a great summer with three trips around the west and little time to update this blog.  So, once in awhile I plan to add a post to share an experience from this last summer.

I visited Silver City, Idaho for the third time last July, while on my annual camping trip with Bruce Gregory and Stephen Johnson.  We camped at Jordan Valley, Oregon and took the road in from the west.  It is a little longer drive from there, but the road is much better than the road from the north.

Silver City has been described as Idaho's best ghost town, but the truth is, it is gradually being restored.  Many of the old buildings are now in great shape and are being used as summer homes.  The massive Idaho Hotel, shown above, has been partially restored and is open for business.

There is still plenty to see in Silver City, including the "world's tallest outhouse."  By walking the dirt streets you can find lots of interesting details to photograph, such as fire hydrants, old mining equipment, a cemetery, and this old fashioned door latch.  The city dates back to the 1860's, and has a wide variety of architecture.

I think the most beautifully restored building is the Stoddard house, seen here as a ghostly reflection in a school window.  I invite you to look at the new Silver City gallery on my web site, below, where you can see the buildings as they are now and as they appeared a few years ago.  The change is remarkable.


  1. What a beautiful and unique place. How I miss trips on the road and camping on our family trips to Idaho.

    1. I hope you get the chance to explore again, Darlene. Silver City really is unique. It's isolation makes it an adventure just getting there. Thanks for your comment.