Saturday, January 12, 2013

Brian and Laura's Wedding

My son, Brian, married Laura Montano on December 28, 2012.  Linda and I flew to Tucson for the wedding.
This photo of the wedding party shows Laura's daughters, Kim and Melanie, Laura, Brian, Owen Rosner, and Ed Chang.

Kim and Melanie enjoy a moment with their Mother, now Laura Walker

Ed Chang, Brian, and best man Owen Rosner have been friends since high school.

Laura and Brian are with Reverend Hicks, who performed the wedding at the River Of Life Baptist Church in Tucson.

Owen delighted everyone with his Best Man's speech.
I wish Brian and Laura a long, happy, loving marriage.  Brian waited a long time before he found the right woman for him.  I welcome Laura, her daughters, and the rest of her family, and hope that our families will blend together nicely.  It was fun spending time with Owen and Ed too.

Linda and I stayed with Merry and Lou Lewis in their gorgeous home in Tucson, and I want to thank them for their hospitality.  I have known Merry since high school and it is wonderful that our friendship has continued all these years.


  1. Could you have Brian contact me I would like to congratulate him. John B.

  2. Oh wow! That’s incredible! Brian and Laura's Wedding was stunning. We also will be having mermaid themed beach side wedding in the next month. We are going to have a super cute DIY ceremony at the prettiest wedding venues Los Angeles. Just can’t wait for the day.