Friday, July 8, 2011

Forest City, California - Almost a ghost town

Day 3 of our 30th annual camping trip brought us to one of our favorite photography subjects, a ghost town.  This trip typically takes us to places that most people don't go.  We don't look for in-your-face gorgeous well-known places, but rather we go to historic out-of-the-way places that we find personally interesting.  Today it was a semi-ghost town in the northern Sierra foothills called Forest City.  Some of the buildings here are used as summer homes, but the place is largely deserted.
The first thing you see as you enter Forest City from the dirt road is a cemetery.  Many graves here date from the 1880's.
The old dance hall is now an informal museum, open by donation if you can find someone to unlock the door.  The sagging building looks extremely unstable but is still used for community events.
The interior has an eclectic mix of historic items and dusty modern stuff.  It looks like an attempt has been made to shore up the shaky building with a cable stretched across this window.
An uphill climb reveals a wonderful old school building hidden in the trees.  The few people we saw here were friendly and helpful when we showed an interest in their historic town.


  1. Mach Three place third in the OSS, behind Sportswriter and Shadow Play. forest city

  2. my family owns the meat market here, we still visit on a regular basis

    1. It is a beautiful place. I went back over my photos from that day and couldn't identify the meat market. I hope I can return someday. Thanks for your comment.