Saturday, May 28, 2011

Horse-drawn plows

There are still people who cling to the old farming methods here in the Bear Lake Valley.  Today I was fortunate to photograph three teams of horses and one of mules working a field in the small town of Sharon.  As usual this spring, there was heavy overcast and light drizzle, but you can't put the camera away when an opportunity like this comes along.  This is not a set-up horse show, but a working farm.

The teams are hitched here before starting work.

Horses pull the plows to dig furrows in the heavy soil, then a harrow pulled by mules breaks up the plowed soil into smaller clods.

Monte Smith works hard to control a four horse hitch of beautiful draft horses.

Monte shows the hand positions needed on the reins that control the four big horses.

Daryl Woolstenhulme owns the ranch, and plows with a massive three horse hitch.  What a privilege to be able to witness a scene like this!

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