Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chariot race photos

Chariot races in Wyoming?  Every January chariot races are held in Afton, Wyoming on Saturday afternoons.  The races are a straight line sprint using two horses pulling a home-made chariot down a dirt track plowed out of the snow.  We always enjoy our 50 mile trips to Afton and have a regular routine with stops at Rocky Mountain Seafood, Alan's Photo Store, and Dog Eared Books.

These photos were taken on a warm day during a rare January thaw, creating a muddy track that made for interesting photos.

Notice the horse on the right with all four feet off the ground!

Each race takes about 23 seconds.  A fairly slow shutter speed blurs the background and emphasizes the speed.


  1. Ross these pictures bring back memories of my youth. My Dad was charter member of the Pocatello Cutter Association & later The Portneuf Valley Cutter Assn. Nether one of those Associations run races anymore. I can still remember the Team From Afton area called Dads Bar running in the World Championship Cutter race in the 1960s.

  2. Hi Taz, I'm not positive but I think one of the teams running that day was Dad's Bar.