Monday, January 30, 2012

Cisco Beach Wave Ice

Bear Lake went through huge changes over the past year when the water level rose at a record pace and reached capacity for the first time in many years.  Trees and other plants that had been growing on the dry lake bed for years started to die off as they became submerged.

Many of these trees were just off-shore at Cisco Beach on the east side of the lake in Utah.  Waves that often keep the lake from freezing splashed against the dying trees and formed unique ice shapes.

Sometimes the splashing water ran down the trees and formed bell-shaped ice formations.

Photography was a challenge here.  Strong wind, freezing temperatures, and icy uneven footing made it an interesting day.  I plan to go back again soon!

Bear Lake is located half in Idaho and half in Utah.  Our home is 20 miles north of the lake in Montpelier, Idaho

Millions of shoreline bullrushes also died when the water rose.  These reeds washed ashore and were hit by the freezing waves.

Encased in ice.  Nature's beauty can even be found in dying plants in freezing weather.